Rental Agreement

Rules & Agreement
1. The entire studio is available for private birthday parties and other events on Sundays from 10am-5pm (unless otherwise specified on the website). 2. Space is equipped with 6 adult folding chairs, 20 kids chairs (which can support adult weight), and 4 adjusting folding tables. No Refrigeration, heating or storage available. 3. Rentals must be a minimum of 2 hours. 4. iI space is rented after business hours, a $25 after hours surcharge will be applied to each 1/2 hour starting from 5pm. 5. If you have rented the Outdoor Space and you choose not to utilize the space after payment has been collected, a refund will not be issued. Exceptions will be made in cases of unpredictable and severe inclement weather. 6. A credit card deposit is required to reserve your rental and will be applied to your balance due. Deposit amounts are as follows: $175 for events totaling up to $400, $195 for events totaling up to $600 and $225 for events totaling up to $700 or more. The same credit card used for your deposit must be kept on file and will be charged the remaining balance due one week prior to your party. If damage or loss has occurred, related expenses will be charged to your card on file accordingly. Card will be automatically charged. for all of the above and below. You, the Renter are responsible for notifying Tot Town of your intent to cancel your party or other event changes. Credit Card charges will not be reversed unless charge was made in error by Tot Town. 7. You (the renter) are responsible for inspecting the space and its condition prior to the commencement of your event. If no requests for alterations are made, you, the renter accept the space as is. 8. You (the renter) are responsible for any and all damage or loss to Tot Town property, and/or any personal injury, property loss or damage to your event attendees and/or their personal property. 9. No decorations can be affixed to the murals in the rear space. In the front space, no push pins; painter's tape only. 10. Cancellations must be made within 7 days of your event; There is a $25 processing fee. Deposit is not returned if cancellation is made less than 7 days prior to your event. 12. Your balance due must be paid in full immediately upon arrival on the day of your event and before your event commences. 13. Set up is permitted ½ hour prior to your event at no additional cost. 14. You and your guests have a ½ grace period to depart following your event. $25 will be deducted from your deposit for each additional 15 minutes you remain in the space following your event. 15. you (the renter) are responsible for reminding your guests that Tot Town is a shoe free space prior to their arrival; Should any guest not remove their shoes, an additional cleaning surcharge in the amount of $25 will be applied to your balance due and deducted from your deposit. EXCEPTION: If outdoor playspace has been rented. 16. Failure to properly recycle your garbage will result in a $15 surcharge, which will be charged to your redit card on file. 17. Guest Limit: A head count of your guests will be taken upon entry and each guest may be required to wear/possess a sticker, for the duration of the event, given to them by Tot Town Personnel for tracking purposes. Once the *35-guest limit has been reached, $10 will be charged to your card on file for each guest that enters thereafter. Tot Town's maximum allowable capacity is *45. If guest head count exceeds *45, you will be placed in violation of NYC Fire Code and held liable for all code violation fines and fees. In addition, the credit card you've placed on file will be charged, by Tot Town, $20 per each guest over 45. Tot Town staff are required to review final head count with you, the renter at the conclusion of your event. any discrepancies with final guest head count must be addressed immediately with Tot Town Personnel and prior to your departure. *Infants 6 months and under are excluded from the above final head counts. 18. If you have booked the super or deluxe package, your plates/napkin color selection must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to your event. if this information is not received by the specified date, Tot Town reserves the right to provide you (the renter) with whatever color we have in stock. 19. No glitter, slime, permanent glue, marker or paint or other "hard to clean" substance is permitted as a decoration or activity. 20. Children are not permitted to eat or drink in the rear space. 21. Tot Town Personnel carefully inventories all toys and equipment 30 minutes prior to each rental. Renter is responsible for repair/ replacement of any item valuing $15 or more. 22. For the health and safety of those with nut allergies, Tot Town is a Nut Free Zone; no nuts of any kind or in any form permitted. 23. A total of 3 guests are admitted for free and will NOT be included in the 35 guest limit that your party package includes. (birthday boy or girl and 2 caregivers). If your event is a joint birthday party, no additional guests will be admitted for free.
Event Description
If you are hosting a birthday party, please circle your package below and indicate all desired add-ons in the last column so that we can calculate the balance due. Reminder all party packages include up to 35 guests excluding the birthday girl/boy and 2 caregivers. Basic Package $400 • 2-hour rental • Tables & chairs Super Package $575 • 2-hour rental • Tables & chairs • 1 staff • 4 Large Cheese Pizzas • Plates & napkins Deluxe Package $700 • 3-hour rental • Tables & chairs • 1 staff • 6 Large Cheese Pizzas, • Plates & napkins
Available add-ons
*Additional Time=$50 per ½ hour *Additional Guests=$10 per guest * Pizza= $20 per large pizza *Pizza Toppings=specify and we will calculate * Staff Support= $20 per hour per staff *Live Entertainment *Outdoor Play Area
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A head count will be taken as guests enter. Once the 35 guest minimum has been reached, $10 will be deducted from deposit for every guest that enters thereafter.
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Playspace Policies & Liability
Playspace Policies *
1. Under no circumstance can a child be left at Tot Town under the supervision of Tot Town personnel without prior mutual agreement. 2. No strollers or shoes indoors. 3. Enter Outdoor Play Space without shoes at your own risk. 4. No running indoors or rough play. 5. Climbing Wall must be used with adult supervision. 6. Infant Nook is for Infants 12-24 months ONLY / No walking or jumping on Nook bumpers or archway 7. No pets allowed. 8. No food, bags or coats in the rear space unless authorized by Tot Town staff. 9. Parent/caregiver must supervise children during outdoor play; Play Space Assistants support children and caregivers indoors only. Exception: During member only drop-offs. 10. Please reschedule your visit to Tot Town if you or your child is ill. 11. All Toys are the property of Tot Town; children are not permitted to take any toy home. Please check your child’s pockets and bags before leaving. 12. All balances due must be paid prior to receiving services unless otherwise specified. 13. All guests must sign in and out unless attending a special event. 14. Photo ID may be required. 15. For the health and safety of those with nut allergies, Tot Town is a Nut Free Zone; no nuts of any kind or in any form permitted.
Liability Waiver *
I assume full responsibility for myself and my Child at Tot Town I indemnify, defend and hold harmless, release, and discharge Tot Town LLC, and its successors, and assigns, agents, members, administrators, volunteers, employees and attorneys from and against all losses, labilities, claims, demands, actions, damages, fines, fees, costs (including attorney fees), judgements and executions that I or Child ever had, now have, or may in the future have against Tot Town, and its successors, and assigns, agents, members, administrators, volunteers, employees and attorneys. For the avoidance of any doubt, I release Tot Town from any and all personal injuries known or unknown, and damage to property caused by, or arising out of, my participation or my Child’s participation in any activities at or organized by Tot Town