Parent Support


New Parent Workshop

with Doulas Abby Block and Anna Carapetyan

For parents w/ tots ages 0-12months



Come join Abby and Anna for discussions and support in your journey as a new parent. We'll be creating an open and non-judgmental space for sharing, questions, stories, advice, and your joys and tears. Abby or Anna - who are both doulas, lactation counselors, and mothers - will facilitate a discussion and support. Come as you are and let's create community. Open to birth and non-birth parents and their babies.


Stick around and continue bonding with your peers for an additional half hour at no extra charge!


Sleep for the Whole Family

Breastfeeding/feeding Support

Daily Routines

Birth Story Share

Postpartum Bodies

Getting Around Town/Going Out with Your Baby

Changing & New Relationships

Self-Care for New Parents,

Staying Home/Going Back to Work/Everything In Between

Group is limited to 10 families. 

"When my daughter Nia was born three years ago, I can remember feeling a spectrum of emotions that I wasn't prepared for despite having read all of the latest mommy-to-be books. I experienced overwhelming joy, exhaustion, love, new mommy fears and loneliness all at once. There was an inevitable detachment from my social circle as none of my friends had kids and I had little knowledge of Mommy groups, parent list-servs or other resources.

My journey through new motherhood has inspired me to do all I can to support first-time new parents. My goal is to create a support community for new moms and dads. I want you to have a place where you can meet other new parents and share your journey, excitement, stories, and tips."

-Nobella, Founder of Tot Town