The Child’Space Method®

Learning for parents and their babies 

The Child’Space Method is a unique program for babies and their caregivers that fosters new connections between you and your baby through touch, movement and play. You learn hands-on techniques to enrich your baby’s development, nurturing curiosity, self-esteem and independence from a very early age. 

Parents find new confidence; learn new techniques for communication, bonding and soothing; develop tummy-time solutions, and learn what they can do to address delays and other concerns.

Although development during your baby’s first year may seem to happen of its own accord, you can help your child “connect the dots” in many ways. With the Child’Space Method, you will learn what to expect at each stage of development - rolling, crawling, walking and the important steps in-between - and how to directly engage babies in ways which support the next stage while allowing them space for discovery as they learn to better navigate their world.

As babies become more familiar and comfortable with their own bodies, and engage in a wider range of movement than they might have discovered on their own, their secure interactions with you become a shared experience of competence and accomplishment.

Classes are appropriate for normally developing infants as well as infants experiencing difficulty or delay with skills.

Group Classes

These fun and practical classes are for infants from 5 weeks to the toddler stage. Each baby receives individual attention during the classes and parents learn from observing other babies. Groups are organized by similar ages or developmental levels. Family members and other caregivers can also be included in group sessions.

Individual Sessions

Personalized, hands-on sessions are particularly helpful for parents who have specific questions regarding their child's development and where a one-on one learning environment is optimal.

Child’Space Practitioner and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner cm Kira Charles