Monthly Movement Workshops

Workshops for children with special needs and abilities.



Tot Town Founder, Nobella Parham, and Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Jennifer Giuglianotti, create a safe, engaging space for children and families with sensory sensitivities. Monthly Movement Workshops are based in Dance/Movement Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy techniques, supporting the body-mind connection through nonverbal movement and rhythm. 

Increase body and spatial awareness

Increase communication nonverbally and verbally

Increase balance and coordination

Creative play & imagination through movement games

Each child is supported in his/her unique ways of relating to others

Attunement to sensory processing needs through mindfulness techniques,  sensory toys, lighting, and sound/music.

Your group Creative Arts Therapist, will focus each group session based upon your unique needs, strengths, and goals. 


We welcome families who have children with behavioral issues, trauma histories, aggression, developmental disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. In dance/movement therapy sessions, you will have a safe environment to express yourself and to develop healthy patterns of interaction with family members. We focus on your strengths and needs as we move, dance, and play!

*Parents are asked to stay and actively engage in workshops, assisting the child in movement activities. It's a family affair! (If your child needs a break, we totally understand -- Just come back in and join when you are ready.) Each workshop is 45 minutes in length, allowing for longer transitions inside and outside. 

Pricing: $25 per family/ Included in a Premium Membership /$5 Basic Member surcharge

Max class size 6~with caregiver