Infant Development Programs

MONDAY 10:30AM, 11:30AM & 12:30PM

6-WEEK FALL II SERIES 11/13-12/18


(no crawlers & cruisers class during winter series)

In these fun and practical classes, you will learn techniques for nurturing your baby’s development and sense of self through touch, movement, facial expression, rhythm and song.    Although development during your baby’s first year may seem to happen of its own accord, you can help your child “connect the dots” in many ways. You will learn what to expect from your baby at each stage of development, how to engage your baby’s curiosity and how to support your baby’s next stage while encouraging the innate joy of discovery.   You will also learn answers to your questions about development, find new confidence as a parent, and often notice other positive changes, such as your baby’s improved ability to self-soothe and your own greater creativity when you touch and play with your child. 


Little Movers

5 weeks to 4 months

Monday 12:30-1:15pm

Max Class Size 10

Even the smallest baby has a wealth of movements and a voracious appetite for learning.  You can take a step into your baby’s world through observation and directed movement.  Quickly learn ways to handle and touch that can bring your baby comfort, even during tummy-time, and can lead to new movements like reaching and rolling.  Get answers to questions about your baby’s development, find new confidence as a parent, and notice other positive changes like “colic” relief, and improved feeding.   And sing while you are doing it.


Rockers, Rollers & Pre-Crawlers

4 months to 7 months

Monday 11:30am-12:15pm

Max Class Size 8

In this class for babies 4 months and older we continue to look at how to support each baby’s learning, through touch, movement and song.  Parents and caretakers learn to support and encourage learning movements that will become the building blocks for balanced, coordinated sitting, crawling, walking and more. You bond with your baby as you learn to support the learning of rolling, coming up on the knees and many other movements that are the building blocks for balanced, coordinated sitting, crawling, walking and more.  


  Crawlers & Cruisers


7 months to 1.5 years

Monday 10:30-11:15am

Max Class Size 8

Now your baby is really on the move - crawling, climbing, coming to stand and cruising. Learn to support and enrich your baby's development and independence with movement activities and songs just right for belly-crawlers, beginning hands-and-knees crawlers and beginning walkers.  This class teaches parents touch and movement techniques of the Child’Space Method but almost everything is done “on the move.”  You learn new skills and make new connections as we sing, dance, play and explore!

Instructor Spotlight:


Kira Charles, a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (cm), has been practicing the Feldenkrais Method® for over 20 years.  She studied with Dr. Chava Shelhav and is a graduate of Dr. Shelhav’s Child’Space Method Training.   She worked as an Assistant Trainer in the first New York Child’Space Method training and was a staff member at Child’Space NYC. Kira has completed Master Practitioner training with Mia Segal, Dr. Feldenkrais’s first assistant; has been a staff practitioner at professional Feldenkrais® trainings, and was an adjunct faculty member of the New York University Continuing Education Department. She is the first Feldenkrais practitioner hired by the U.S. government and works with veterans who suffer from a wide range chronic pain issues.   Kira is the director of Child Space America, which offers Child’Space classes and private sessions throughout New York City.

Info For Caregivers:

Bring a receiving blanket and one toy.  Please come even if you baby is napping, tired or hungry. You can learn almost everything in class by watching the instructor and other parents, even while standing and bouncing a crying baby or if your baby is napping in the buggy.  The class is largely for you to learn new ways to touch and move your baby which you’ll take home and use all week whether you get to practice with your baby in class or not.


I took my daughter to a trial class and am amazed how much she developed in the days following.  All with the simple exercises taught in one session.  She went from only rolling to now army crawling and getting up on all fours. She’s looking ready to crawl and she’s 6 months.
— Anna Mejian
Kira was incredibly aware of each child’s need. She was tuned into the class as a whole as well as the individual baby. Each class I learned simple exercises and ways to work with my son to help him move on to his next milestone. Kira has a wonderful temperament with the babies. She establishes trust with the babies through her gentle and confident approach. My son was crawling up to her and on her at each class. During our months in class, my son transitioned from belly crawling to creeping on all fours and then to standing. I am so grateful for her support and knowledge.
— Anna Hindell and baby Jonah
The good news is that Betty is cruising around these days, and I know that has a lot to do with the work we did in class - so thank you, Kira!!
— Nikki Poirier Koch
We had a wonderful time today at your class. Finn relaxed and rolled over (and got his own hand unstuck) in our own play time afterward. I cannot wait to show my spouse!
— Erin Gilbreth
Every time we met with Kira for Pre-Crawlers 1 our son (6 months) had some kind of breakthrough with moving his body. It was like she showed him how to unlock some kind of superpower!
— Jenny & Cliff