Cancellation & Rental Policies


  1. No refunds will be given once services of any kind have commenced.

  2. Full Class Package Purchases: If you wish to withdraw from a full class series before the third class, Tot Town will either permit the transfer of remaining credits to a different class series of comparable value, if there is space available, or issue store credit.  Credits must be used within 90 days of withdrawing from a class. Up to two makeup classes may be permitted; restrictions apply. Requests must be made in writing for review. All requests must be sent to and include name of class, child’s full name, and request for makeup in detail. Response will be sent within 24 hours. Make-ups must be taken as scheduled by Tot Town during the next series and when availability and time permits.  Store-credit, credit transfers or refunds will not be issued for missed make-up classes unless the class has been removed from Tot Town's schedule.  In cases of inclement weather, class make-ups are permitted if Tot Town cancels the class because of the weather condition.

  3. Drop-In Purchases: If you have pre-registered and pre-paid for a single class or service and you are unable to attend on the purchase date, you may attend the same class session on an alternate day at no additional cost if you contact us within 24 hours following the missed class to reschedule. Credit can be transferred to an alternate class if both classes are of the same value. Credits must be used within 60 days of missed class. Policy does not apply to classes booked thru an outside vendor. Drop-in services (Including Romp & relax Open Play) are not eligible for nannyshare discounts. Each child in a nannyshare must pay full price separately. Drop-in services are eligible for sibling discounts. In cases of inclement weather, make-us are permitted if Tot Town cancels the class because of the weather condition.

  4. Day Pass Purchases: No refunds or credit transfers for Day Passes; Pass must be used on purchase date. Day Pass cannot be used on multiple days unless all classes are full for date of purchase. In this case, pass will be accepted on an alternate day for class attendance only. 

  5. All Access Pass: Pass cannot be used for classes that have reached their maximum allowable capacity. Amount deducted from your pass for each service will be the drop-in rate. Pass is valid for special promotions. . Written parental permission must be provided to allow Pass to be used be used for additional children not listed on pass. Pass expires within 6 months from date of purchase. No extensions. No refunds

  6. Gift Cards: Gift Cards are valid for 6 months, no exceptions.  No Refunds. 

  7. Memberships: Memberships can be canceled, suspended and reactivated at any time. Inactive (suspended) memberships will be automatically canceled after 60 days unless an extension request is submitted in writing to

  8. Pricing Changes: Pricing for services are subject to change without prior notice.  If you have unredeemed store credit that you wish to apply to a service that has increased in value, you are responsible for paying the difference.  Payment will be collected in store. If you wish to apply unredeemed store credit to a service that has decreased in value, the remaining store credit will be valid for an additional 60 days.

  9. Member Only Drop-Off Service: For ages 12 months and up. Minimum drop-off 1 hour, maximum drop-off 2 hours. Reservation must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Multiple drop-offs in one day not permitted. Member will automatically be enrolled in all classes taking place during drop-off. Member must pay all class admission fees (if applicable).  Fees not waived for classes held during complimentary drop-offs. Complimentary hours are forfeited if cancellations are not made within 12 hours of scheduled drop-off.

  10. 2s/3s Playgroup: No make-up sessions, refunds or credits will be given for missed 2s/3s Playgroup sessions.




  1. Rentals must be a minimum of 2 hours.

  2. If space is rented after business hours, a $25 after hours surcharge will be applied to each 1/2 hour starting from 5pm.

  3. If you have rented the Outdoor Space and you choose not to utilize the space after payment has been collected, a refund will not be issued. Exceptions will be made in cases of unpredictable and severe inclement weather.

  4.  A refundable deposit is required. Deposit Amounts are as follows: $175 for events totaling up to $400, $195 for events totaling up to $600 and $225 for events totaling up to $700 or more.  Once we have checked the space after your event to ensure it has been left in the same condition as prior to your rental, your deposit will be refunded within 24 hours of your event date. If damage or loss has occurred, related expenses will be deducted from your deposit accordingly. If damage or loss is greater than the deposit, you (the renter) are fully liable. Additional applicable fees will also be deducted from deposit before its refunded.

  5. You (the renter) are responsible for inspecting the space and its condition prior to the commencement of your event.

  6. You (the renter) are responsible for any and all damage or loss to Tot Town property, and/or any personal injury, property loss or damage to your event attendees and/or their personal property.

  7.  No decorations can be affixed to the murals in the rear space. In the front space, no push pins; tape only.

  8. Cancellations must be made within 7 days of your event; There is a $25 processing fee. Deposit is not returned if cancellation is made less than 7 days prior to your event.

  9. If you have requested live entertainment it will be booked 30 days in advance. If you cancel entertainment, booking deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from your refundable deposit. All entertainers are included in your guest head count.

  10.  Your balance due must be paid in full immediately upon arrival on the day of your event and before your event commences. 

  11.  Set up is permitted ½ hour prior to your event at no additional cost.

  12.  You and your guests have a ½ hour grace period to depart following your event. $25 will be deducted from your deposit for each additional 15 minutes you remain in the space following your event.

  13.  You (the renter) are responsible for reminding your guests that Tot Town is a shoe free space prior to their arrival; Should any guest not remove their shoes, an additional cleaning surcharge in the amount of $25 will be applied to your balance due and deducted from your deposit. EXCEPTION: If Outdoor Playspace has been rented.

  14. Failure to properly recycle your garbage will result in a $15 surcharge, which will be deducted from your refundable deposit.

  15. Guest Limit: Total guest count cannot exceed 45.  A head count of your guests will be taken upon entry and each guest may be required to wear/possess a sticker, for the duration of the event, given to them by Tot Town Personnel for tracking purposes.  Once the 35-guest limit has been reached, $10 will be deducted from your deposit for each guest that enters thereafter. Tot Town staff are required to review final head count with you (the renter) at the conclusion of your event. Any discrepancies with final guest head count must be addressed immediately with Tot Town Personnel and prior to your departure. 

  16. If you have booked the super or deluxe package, your plates/napkin color selection must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to your event. If this information is not received by the specified date, Tot Town reserves the right to provide you (the renter) with whatever color we have in stock.

  17. No glitter, slime, permanent glue, marker, paint or other "hard to clean" substance are permitted as a decoration or activity.

  18. Children are not permitted to eat or drink in the rear space.

  19. Tot Town Personnel carefully inventories all toys and equipment 30 minutes prior to each guest rental.  Renter is responsible for repair/replacement of any item valuing $15 or more.

  20. For the health and safety of those with nut allergies, Tot Town is a Nut Free Zone; no nuts of any kind or in any form are permitted.

  21. A total of 3 guests re admitted for free and will NOT  be included in the headcount (birthday boy or girl and 2 caregivers). If your event is a joint birthday party, no additional guests will be admitted for